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Welcome to RK Journeyman!

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

After 2 years of college, I joined the Peace Corps, went to India in 1966 and have enjoyed a lifetime of learning experiences since. I moved to the mountains of North Carolina in 1969 and started a free university based on Ivan Illich's educational thoughts. I later proposed two Earthwatch projects and got funding to study Berber underground villages and the Roman underground city of Bulla Reggia in Tunisia. The next study was exploring the underground villages in the Loire Valley, France. I grew up a few miles from Niagara Falls and have seen the damage the tourism industry brings to the places they promote. I blog to share the information and kindred sites that encourage small group or independent travel. I promote visiting places that share your keen interests. I write about the connection between thoughful travel and nurturing community. I work to share and target market the things neighborhoods are most proud of.

My time in village India changed my world view.

The travel industry has a negative impact on many communities and I work to change that.

Each Earthwatch program enhanced my interest in educational travel

My life in the Toe River Valley has made feel very grateful for our community. I promote nurturing community around the world by focusing on sharing the special strengths that virtually every place has to share.


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